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What are the best Religious Tours for Pakistan?

Pakistan is a country that is packed with different cultures and religions. Several religious landmarks are present here, which we people from all around the world cherish to visit. As religious discrimination is negligible in Pakistan, that's why it is enriched with multiple Hindu shrines, temples, Buddhist monasteries, churches, and some of the great Sufi shrines as well. Each of the religious places is equally honored and is well-maintained for tourists. 

Suppose you want to explore Pakistan from a religious point of view by visiting famous religious spots here. In that case, you need to get your hands on Green travels which will not only take you to those places but will also guide you about the religious heritage of those spots. They are providing you with multiple packages for traveling. These religious tour packages include all of the essentials and added luxuries; they still are within budget and economical. 

Being Pakistan's first eco-tourism agency, Green travels provides the best possible religious tour packages for their national and international customers. No matter you want to travel to Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, or Jewish sacred spots, you will get a separate package for every trip. No matter where you are going, they make sure to give you a feel of being at home. They will fulfill all of your needs and requirements in a luxurious way. And the vehicles they use are exceptionally easy and comfortable. Despite all of the mentioned luxuries, their packages are still at nominal prices. Isn't it incredible? So, on this tour, you are not going to break your back. 

What are the religious spots to visit in Pakistan? 

Here is an extensive list of the religious spots related to several religions in Pakistan. You need to go there at least once in your life. Specifically, if you are curious about the cultural heritage and norms of different religions in Pakistan, you definitely need to go there and be amazed. Let's go with the list to find what are fascinating spots to go to in Pakistan. 

  1. Ramapir temple is an ancient temple located in Hasbro.
  2. Lal Shahbaz qalandar shrines of Sayed Sufi saint present in Shehwan.
  3. Karah buddha is situated in Gilgit. It is a sacred spot for the Buddhist community.
  4. Dharmarajika Stupa and monastery are present in Taxila, Pakistan. 
  5. Kartas Raj temples present in chakwal.
  6. The faisal mousque in Islamabad.
  7. Christ Church of Rawalpindi.

Some economical, religious tour packages

Here are the most in range and demanding tour packages by Green tours that you definitely need to check.

A three-day tour to Sikh pilgrimage that costs 10000 rupees per head

This package includes:

  • All tolls and taxes
  • Three-time meals a day
  • A renowned travel guide to take you to places
  • Transport and security
  • Hotel room fares and first aid (if required)

A three day trip to Buddhist Tourism that costs 10000 per head

This package includes:

  • All tolls and taxes
  • Breakfast as besham
  • Stays in between the journey
  • A well-known travel guide to guide you on the whole trip
  • All transport fares
  • Three meals a day
  • Visits to all important places
  • Hotel room fares and services