if you are finding the ultimate Summer Escape here is the answer.

Pack your Bag and get ready to travel to the best destination in Pakistan. Deosai plains are the second highest in the world with a great range of Flora and faunna. A Lush green area with water streams, snow on the peaks, Beautiful Lakes, wide range of flowers and presence of Brown Bears.

This piece of land is only accessible in the Summers from Mid June to Mid September, rest of the year it is covered with snow and brown bears are in charge of the area.
Lets rewind a bit because this land of Giants is beautiful but reaching this paradise is a little tough. There are two ways to reach Deosai either you take a flight from Islamabad to Skardu, on your way you will visit Sadpara lake along with Sadpara Dam a beautiful blue water lake. Entering on Deosai National Park your eyes will be stunned with the massiveness of the area and you will be astonished to see the lush green grassy land after looking at the Dark, barren mountains of Skardu, it feels like as if a hidden paradise in the harsh reality of life.

Continuing to Deosai comes the “Bara Pani” a water stream with freezing cold water and trout fish racing against the water, then comes “Kala Pani” as the name suggests in urdu it means black water actually it looks like as if the water is black but instead the water is pure, fresh and freezing its just the land wihch is black due to which the color of water looks like black water.

While Continuing on this trek comes the ultimate beauty “Sheosar Lake”, When you see a green land, with water streams, flowers, snow on the peaks and wild life the only thing which remains in your mind is a fresh water lake. well as GOD fulfills your imagination. while Sitting at the side of the lake, it is just an extra ordinary feeling of remoteness, calmness, your existence and the mightiness of GOD.

But the journey is not at end, the best part about visiting Deosai is that you dont have to go back the same trek you came from you can go to Astore another beautiful place.

While visiting Deosai you must take care of few things because nature can be difficult to handle sometimes.
Carry Warm Clothing to cover your head, hands, feet and eyes from the extra ordinary sunlight that you might face. Try not travel alone and make sure you have a group with you because things can change instantly, weather is not reliable it changes like moods of small child. Brown Bears are not to be trusted as they can visit the area anytime they want. Do not disturb the wild life like the small marmots whistling everywhere.

Last and Most important Do not throw Garbage especially Plastic because alot of wild life feeds from Deosai like fish, birds, bears, insects and marmots. Try to keep the area clean for the coming generations.