Malam Jabba is a Hill Station in Hindu Kush Mountain range nearly 40 km from Saidhu Sharif in Swat Valley, KPK. It is 314 km from Islamabad. Malam Jabba is actually famous for its Ski Resort. Malam Jabba is one of the known ancient lands. The existence of the tribute at such a height terms that the area has been populated for over 2000 years. There are two Buddhists Stupas and almost six Monasteries that are spread around the resort. These both religious buildings are ancient and worth to watch. These places are open for public visit. While you are planning to visit Malam Jabba you came across Swat valley as well. These all areas were owned by Buddhists from ancient ages and their stone god statues are still exists on upper mountains. First time when you see those statues a question pop up in mind that how they put those statues up on the mountains as in ancient times there were no signs of heavy machinery or cranes to put those status high in the sky. There is Buddhist history museum in Swat as well. That is a must watch site. We Pakistani’s are much involved in history and we love to preserve our ancient era and we are working hard to find and preserve even more ancient sites.

For hiking lovers there are two hiking paths positioned near Malam Jabba resort. The first track passes in course of Ghorband Valley and Shangla Top and other track passes by the Sabonev Valley. The resort has a ski slope of above 800 meters, its an ideal tourist place as it is equipped with modern facilities such as ice-skating rinks, skiing platforms, chair lifts, telephones and moreover snow clearing equipment are also available in the resort.

If you are planning to visit Malam Jabba than throughout the year weather is friendly. If you want to visit in January you may face approximately 8 °C temperature. Make sure you carry light woolens as evening can get a bit chilly. The next 6 months i.e. February to June the temperature swings between 2 °C to 46 °C vary according to weather movement from winter to summer season. During these months the average temperature lies approximately 21°C. In these 6 months weather is not too cold to neither hinder your travel nor hot enough that you will sweat while exploring Malam Jabba. In fact these 6 months are the ideal time to visit Malam Jabba. In July and August weather is moderate there like 28°C in these months the air is slightly humid. The weather in September and October is quite sunny, and the average temperature recorded in these days is 24°C. This is just perfect to put on your hiking kit and go exploring Malam Jabba. The weather in Malam Jabba during November and December month is sway between 3°C to 26°C and 2°C to 30°C respectively. This weather is perfect to go visit and sight-seeing Malam Jabba. Recommended weather is February to June anyway.

Let’s talk about residency during your visit to Malam Jabba. There you can find every type of hotels to stay with average charges of 3500 rupees to 17000 rupees per night depends on how many facilities you want to have. Swat Serena hotel is 5 star rating property as it includes gym and swimming pool with luxury rooms which cost around 17000 per night and its 12.6 miles away from Malam Jabba. Peace continental hotel is an average one and it is located in Malam Jabba and they are charging around 7500 rupees per night. One of the average hotel to stay in is Almas Hotel Mingora Swat, it is 19 km away from Malam Jabba and their starting prices are 3500 rupees per night. In my own opinion while choosing a hotel room to stay, always choose who costs you less and provide basic facilities. Spend your money in sight-seeing rather than on expensive hotel rooms as you just stay in hotel for like 4-5 hours.

Thanks to all tourism companies, YouTubers, Bloggers, Bikers and Vloggers for showing positive image and beauty of Pakistan through their videos around the world, now many foreigners are visiting northern areas of Pakistan because of them we are getting closer to achieve our lost milestone in tourism. As a Pakistani it is our duty to visit those areas to explore and support tourism in Pakistan.
Pakistan Payindabad!


Blog by: Muhammad Uzair Latif
Dated: 25-November-2019